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*Expert fabricator, welder, and manual machinist.

*Expert motorcycle builder including final assembly and wiring.

*Motorcycle and automotive repairs, customizations and installations.

*Excellent communication skills resulting in consistently exceeding customer expectations.

*Ability to lead a group through a project and guide team members into appropriate roles for a successful outcome.

*Variety of automotive paint and body techniques for customs and restorations.

*Highly adaptable to working alongside people of all backgrounds and personality types.

*Proficient in written and spoken German.

*Computer literate including communication, e-commerce, social marketing, design and more.

*Ability to make any clients vision a reality.

*Versed in all aspects of running a small business from client meetings to the office to the workbench.

*Custom parts design and fabrication.

*Marketing and press. 

*Highly adaptable artist. 

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